Cryptorchidismus (gr.), Verborgensein des Hodens in der Bauchhöhle, als Fehler der Bildung, s. Hoden. Cryptorchis, 1) ein Mensch, der an Cryptorchidismus leidet; 2) dieser Zustand selbst.

Pierer's Lexicon. 1857–1865.

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  • cryptorchism — crypt·or·chism (krĭp tôrʹkĭz əm) also crypt·or·chi·dism ( kĭ dĭz əm) n. A developmental defect marked by the failure of the testes to descend into the scrotum.   [From New Latin cryptorchidismus, from Greek kruptorkhos, having undescended… …   Universalium

  • cryptorchidism — cryptorchid, adj. /krip tawr ki diz euhm/, n. Pathol. failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum. Also, cryptorchism /krip tawr kiz euhm/. [1880 85; < NL cryptorchidismus, equiv. to crypt CRYPTO + orchid ( < Gk orchid ; see ORCHID) …   Universalium

  • cryptorchidism — cryp•tor•chi•dism [[t]krɪpˈtɔr kɪˌdɪz əm[/t]] also cryp•tor•chism [[t] kɪz əm[/t]] n. pat failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum • Etymology: 1880–85; < NL cryptorchidismus=crypt crypto +orchid (< Gk orchid ; see orchid)… …   From formal English to slang

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