Remuria, so v.w. Lemuria.

Pierer's Lexicon. 1857–1865.

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  • REMURIA — sacra ad Lemures, i.e. larvas nocturnas, et terrificationes placandas instituta. A Remo, quem interfecit Celer, Romuli comes, feruntur habere nomen, quae postea asperiore literâ r. in leniorem mutatâ, Lemuria sunt dicta. Porphyrio Horatii… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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  • Lemuria (festival) — In Roman religion, the Lemuralia or Lemuria was a feast during which the ancient Romans performed rites to exorcise the malevolent and fearful ghosts of the dead from their homes. The unwholesome spectres of the restless dead, the lemures or… …   Wikipedia

  • Cho Henshin CosPrayers — Infobox animanga/Header name = Chō Henshin CosPrayers caption = ja name = 超変身コス∞プレイヤー ja name trans = Chō Henshin Kosu∞Pureiyaa genre = Adventure, Comedy, Magical Girl, Science FictionInfobox animanga/Anime title = director = studio = m.o.e.… …   Wikipedia

  • Negative Syndicate — A Negative Syndicate (ネガティブシンジケート, Negatibu Shinjikēto?) is any of the fictional antagonistic organizations who seek out the Precious in the 30th Super Sentai Series GoGo Sentai Boukenger. This title is given to them by the Search Guard Successor …   Wikipedia

  • Lemuria (Fest) — Die Lemuria oder Lemuralia waren eine religiöse Feier des römischen Festkalenders, die am 9., 11. und 13. Mai begangen wurde und nach den Totengeistern, den lemures, benannt war. Die abgeschiedenen Seelen (lemures, larvae, lares, manes) waren ein …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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