Solicitor-general (engl., spr. Sollissit'r dschenner'l), der Generalprocurator, Staatsanwalt.

Pierer's Lexicon. 1857–1865.

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  • Solicitor General — n pl solicitors general: a law officer appointed primarily to assist an attorney general; also: a federal law officer responsible for representing the government in court and esp. the U.S. Supreme Court Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law.… …   Law dictionary

  • solicitor general — ☆ solicitor general n. pl. solicitors general or solicitor generals 1. the law officer in the U.S. Department of Justice ranking next below the attorney general: the U.S. solicitor general represents the U.S. in cases before the Supreme Court 2.… …   English World dictionary

  • Solicitor-general — So*lic it*or gen er*al, n. The second law officer in the government of Great Britain; also, a similar officer under the United States government, who is associated with the attorney general; also, the chief law officer of some of the States.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Solicitor general — (sollissitr dschenräl), engl., der Staatsanwalt …   Herders Conversations-Lexikon

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  • Solicitor General — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms Solicitor General : singular Solicitor General plural Solicitors General in the UK, the second most important legal officer, below the Attorney General in England and Wales and the Lord Advocate in Scotland …   English dictionary

  • Solicitor General — also solicitor general N SING: usu the N; N TITLE The Solicitor General in Britain or the United States, or in an American state, is the second most important legal officer, next in rank below an Attorney General …   English dictionary

  • Solicitor General — The Solicitor General of the United States is in charge of representing the Government in suits and appeals in the Supreme Court and as well in lower federal trial and appellate courts in cases involving the interests of the United States. He… …   Black's law dictionary

  • solicitor-general — see Solicitor General …   English dictionary

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